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USA Migration Lawyers

When getting to the USA requires an Immigration Attorney we are here to help.

We offer FREE initial visa assessment consultations in the UK and the USA which makes us your ideal partner when going through the US visa process.

If you are in the UK, one of the biggest reason why clients are reluctant in using an attorney in the USA is the difference in the time zones when applying from the UK.

Immigration is a very specialized and complex area of law and it is important to retain a qualified US attorney who is familiar with the frequently changing laws. Now with a base in both locations of the globe we can cater for those in either time zones.

The paperwork and constant rule changes by the US government can be overwhelming at times, and any errors may result in the denial of your visa application.

Our professional 5 star legal services include:

  • Visa pre-screening
  • Visa documentation checking
  • Application assistance
  • Visa embassy submission
  • Visa tracking and renewal

Let our team of local specialists guide and assist you throughout the whole immigration process.

What visas’ can we help with?

  • H1B employment visas,
  • F-1 student visas,
  • B1/B2 visitor visas,
  • K-1/K-3 fiancé/spouse visas
  • Securing family and employment based green cards
  • Filing foreign labour certifications
  • Adjusting or changing your status
  • Filing for your citizenship.

Why USA Migration Lawyers?

  • Your own dedicated qualified attorney
  • All application form and representations included
  • Unlimited help and advice
  • UK and USA offices
  • Fixed competitive legal fees
  • Deadline visa management

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